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If you are searching for quality Rubber Molding services and are in need of specific rubber/silicone molding products, contact Stick Industry today!


1) Materials available: natural rubber, silicone, viton,EPDM,nitrile,neoprene,HNBR, NBR+PVC, SBR, IR, IIR (butyl rubber),CR (neoprene), SBR, AU, ACM. A wide range of materials are available
2) Excellent chemical and physical property, excellent oil resistance, high temperature stability, etc.
3) We are able to design and manufacture complete sets of rubber parts based
on customers' specifications
4) Customers' designs and specifications are welcomed
5) Available in various sizes and colors
6) Services provided:

Rubber Injection Molding
Rubber Transfer Molding
Rubber Compression Molding
Rubber to Metal Molding
Custom Rubber Molding
Engineering and Design Support

For help with your injection molding of rubber product needs, or engineering solutions,please E-mail us at stick@vip.163.com