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Plastic Injection Molding
Rubber Molding

At STK we have various tooling options available to you, offering different levels of capability from prototype through short pre-production runs through to full production quantities. 


We employ various steel alloys such as P20 or NAK-55 for many of our tools and use surface treatments to extend tool life and wear. Hardened or copper inserts are often used in wear applications. We can also build aluminum tools for low volume runs. Of course harden, tool steel, molds employing H-13, S-7, A-2 are always an option.
Where the cost of several mould tools would be prohibitive, we can offer Family tools that produce more than just one component design.

¡¤ Full experience of mould design, tool design and manufacture.
¡¤ We can tackle the most complex automotive and security components to simple speaker components feet!
¡¤ Some customers just tap into our expertise for tool design and undertake manufacture of tooling and components themselves!

Let Stick Industry take all the headaches away from your next tool project!